A Word to the Aged by William Bridge

“And if a man will not wash and repent at the last, when will he repent? When the leaves are off the trees, we see the bird’s nests in the trees and bushes.  Now in our old age our leaves are off, then therefore we may see those nests of sin and lust, in our hearts and lives which we saw not before, and so be sensible and repent of them.”

The winter sunset is beautiful.   The deep red held in relief against the sillouette of the bare trees reveals every lovely shape and every deformity within.   With no leaves, all is exposed.  As we observed such a sunset this week I thought of these words from William Bridge in his sermon, A Word to the Aged.   I encourage you to read this short sermon which draws attention to the spiritual pit-falls planted for the aged by the enemy of our souls.

Killer Angel by George Grant


The introduction of George Grant’s Killer Angel: A Short Biography of Planned Parenthood’s Founder, Margaret Sanger, opens with a quote from G. K. Chesterton, “For all the apparent materialism and mass mechanism of our present culture, we, far more than any of our fathers, live in a world of shadows.”  Another historian once quipped that “biography is destiny.”  If this is true, then this biography of Margaret Sanger, who is vicariously the most egregious mass murderer in the history of the world ( over 2.5 billion aborted children ), paints a grim destiny for our ‘enlightened’ Western culture.   This book is a must read for the fence-dweller and the Christian, complacent with regard to the myth of altruistic population-control.   Grant unmasks the hideous social architecture of Planned Barrenhood and scrapes away the gilt veneer from the benevolent myth of Sanger to reveal her for the malevolent reprobate she was.   Take a couple of hours to peruse this concise, yet weighty tome and then enter into your closet and seek God’s mercy upon our culture.