A Needful Reminder

“The very same impulse that makes the loving heart carve the beloved name on the smooth rind of the tree makes it sweet to one who is in real touch and living fellowship with Jesus Christ to speak about Him.  O brother! There is a very sharp test for us…. Shut up [that impulse] and it will be like some wild creature put into a cellar, fast locked and unventilated; when you open the door it will be dead…. For the direct work in speaking the name of Jesus Christ is possible for every Christian, whoever he or she is, however weak, ignorant, uninfluential with howsoever narrow a circle.  There is always somebody that God means to be the audience of His servant whenever that servant speaks of Christ.  Do you not know that there are people in this world, as wives, children, parents, friends of different sorts, who would listen to you more readily than they would listen to anyone else speaking about Jesus Christ.”  

Alexander Maclaren, “Christ’s Witnesses” An Exposition of Acts 23:11

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